Juan Luis Garcia

I remember looking up at billboards as a kid and thinking that one day I wanted to create something like that.

Thanks to an ongoing series of fortuitous events and many blessings I have been able to work as a graphic designer and photographer for over 12 years. For the past several years I have turned my focus to film marketing but continue working with clients across various industries.

My obsession with film and tv goes back again to my childhood when I would watch I Love Lucy and Cantinflas movies on my mom’s 6 inch black and white television while eating breakfast before school. Since I’ve began designing in entertainment I’ve worked on many aspects of film and tv marketing. From studio blockbusters, Academy Award nominated films and Emmy nominated TV shows to micro-budget first-time director shorts. There’s no greater feeling than collaborating with filmmakers and distributors to connect a film with its audience.

I live and work out of my studio in Santa Barbara, CA with my family and neighbors.


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